Program of Study Change Request


Determining a Program of Study is important in college because it determines not only what degree you will graduate with, but what career you will be most qualified for once you graduate. If you are unsure of your Program of Study we have assistance for you.  

Please Note:  A student may only attempt a maximum of three programs at Spokane Falls Community College. If you are close to completing your present degree (within 30 credits), it is in your best interest to complete that degree before moving to a new program.  


After meeting with an advisor, if you have determined that you want to change your Program of Study, please complete the following questions.   An advisor name is required in order for your form to be processed.  

Please tell us who you are:

A Program of Study may not be changed during a quarter. Program changes are processed for the future quarter.

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By Submitting this form, I acknowledge that my request to change my current program may affect my financial aid eligibility and/or award amount and this change may impact my time to degree completion. I further acknowledge that the maximum number of programs I may attempt at Spokane Falls Community College is three, regardless of completion.