Incomplete "I" Grade Student Contract


Grading Policy (CCS 4.40.01)—I (Incomplete): Incomplete (I) grades may be issued only to those students whose work to date is passing but not completed at the end of the quarter and a student/instructor contract is filed following college procedure.


All incompletes must be made up prior to the official end of the next quarter. “I” grades earned spring quarter must be made up prior to the official end of fall quarter.

Incompletes not made up by the date specified in the contract will default to the grade specified in the contract.

Enter an email above for the student and instructor if you would like a copy of the form to be sent to either/both.
This contract applies to Spokane Community College only.
If this contract is not completed by the "To Be Completed Date" noted below the ā€œIā€ will be changed to the permanent decimal grade noted below. The contract may not extend past the official end of the following quarter.