Repeated Class Request


Courses may be repeated to improve the grade earned, but credit will be granted only once. When the student notifies the Registration or Credential Evaluations Office that a course has been repeated, the lowest grade earned will be removed from the grade point calculation and the highest grade earned will be used in calculating the grade point average.


  • An institution to which an official transcript is sent may compute the grade point average of a student who has repeated courses in accordance with its own requirements and policies.
  • Students receiving financial aid and/or veterans benefits, or those participating in athletics, should consult the appropriate office, as benefits or eligibility may be reduced or lost as a result of the repeat.
  • End-of-quarter grading processes may take several weeks.
  • Courses considered for repeat at SFCC must all be taken at SFCC.



Please complete all information requested and submit the form below. Please check your online transcript in approximately 3 to 5 days to assure the change has been completed. If you have questions, contact Karen Gower at (509) 533-4109.