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Michael Williams
Global Issues - Political Science 125

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October 5 Topics

1.       What is the “Clash of Civilizations?”
2.       Why does Huntington emphasize 8 civilizations when most of them are divided among themselves?
3.       Is religion a big part of these cultures? Which are most concerned about their religious beliefs?
4.       Do different cultures work together in the world? Why can’t other cultures do the same?
5.       Why does the U.S. always seem to get involved in the arguments between other countries? Why can’t the U.S. stay home and worry about its own problems?
6.       Won’t terrorism always exist? What is necessary to eliminate it as a problem in the world?
7.       Why is there such a conflict in the Middle East? How did it start?
8.       Why is there a specific dispute over the Gaza Strip and the West Bank?
9.       Why is there a dispute over who should control Jerusalem?