Environmental Science Craft Fair

Spring & Fall Craft Fairs

Information for Exhibitors/ Vendors



 Thanks for a great Spring 2020 Craft Fair!  

  • If you would like to present your art, crafts, or food in the the fair, please complete and submit our Participant Application and Agreement.
  • Rental spaces are approximately 10' x 10' (or half booths are 5' x 10'). We have some wall spaces that hold a longer space as well as shorter areas which may be slightly shallower, space in the Sasquatch meeting room against the South wall and West wall as well as East Foyer will be mostly wall space. Center-North and South Foyer corner spaces will also have some dimension differences. We try to place products in areas that will work best for each. The larger the product the more attention needs to size, furniture etc.
  • Tables are $10.00 at time of registration
  • Advertising will be done by SCC's environmental science-related student clubs, but we encourage you to contact, friends, family, co-workers, and all other entities with which you are involved.
  • Security will be provided during the show.
  • Two chairs will be provided in each space.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the Vendor Information Sheet.


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