The Documents page provides links to the course syllabus and other important handouts.
file iconExample One of major essay for Mass Media
file iconExample Two of major essay for Mass Media
file iconMedia Ethics


file iconGradesheet Mass Media
file iconSpring 2007 grades


file iconAuthoritarian, Libertarian and other Types of Governmental Controls
file iconMedia Ethics
file iconThe Media Progression Cycle
file iconTheories about mind control power point presentation


file iconBen Day and other editors who developed the modern newspaper
file iconImportance of the Telegraph in Mass Media
file iconIntroduction to Newspaper Power Point
file iconPulitzer-Hearst power point presentation
file iconScripps and ownership power point presentation
file iconThe Rise and Fall of Newspapers


file iconHow Networks Got Started
file iconHow to study for the television test
file iconNBC and other networks
file iconNoise
file iconStudy guide for the test on the television section
file iconTelevision history - regulation
file iconWhat are TV ratings and how are they calculated?