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file iconE-mail Kellie Fischer

Readings for Essay 2

file iconKatrina Video
 You might find this interesting.

Tutoring!! :)

file iconSFCC On-Campus Peer Tutoring Schedule
 Take advantage of the fact that this is a free service provided to you, students of SFCC. You need to see a tutor for each essay. You may use the tutors on campus or the online tutors. The sooner you meet with them, the sooner, they can help you. Turn your tutoring draft in with your final draft packet . You may visit the tutors as often as you need, but you are required to meet with one at least one time per essay assignment.
Note that the English tutors' schedule is found under "Writing."
file iconOnline Tutoring is also available
 The same points can be earned with online tutoring as with the above tutoring on campus. Take advantage of this free service!
file iconInstructions for signing in for your first online tutoring session.

Reading for Essay 1

file iconMichael Moore's Mosque article with blog comments
 This is the same article given to you on Monday in class, but it also has pages of blog responses from both sides. Think critically, deeply, and thoughtfully--even go outside your comfort zone box with this one, ok? Remember, your response is yours, and you have a right to it, whatever it is. Enjoy. :)
file iconNY Times article about the building itself
 This is a link to a NYTimes article with pictures and a description of the proposed building and its uses. It was submitted to me by one of your peers and is a nicely written brief article. Check it out if you are interested.

Successful Students

file iconStudent Code of Conduct
 A must read for students of SFCC!

Human Rights

file iconUniversal Declaration of Human Rights
 The document.
file iconUniversal Declaration of Human Rights - Information Page
 This link provides a brief history of the Declaration of Human Rights with links to additional interesting and useful information.
file iconThe Olympic Committee for Human Rights in China
 This site has numerous links to concerns that were looked at prior to and during the Olympics in Beijing in 2008. We all remember how fabulous the events and the buildings were--especially the amazing opening ceremonies, right? But what was all the noise in the background regarding human rights and what do you think about it today?
file iconNational Human Rights Action Plan of China (2009-2010)
 Another extensive site that deals with changes in China regarding Human Rights.

Helpful Grammar Links

file iconThe Little Brown Brief
 A helpful selection of tutorials. Choose the ones that will help you with your personal "favorite errors".
file iconGrammar Blue Book Interactive Link
 At this site are helpful lessons and free quizzes to check your understanding. (Just look below the offer to buy quizzes :)
file iconInteractive Link to Basic Grammar Skills
file iconPurdue University’s Online Writing Lab Link

Library and Documentation

file iconLibrary Guide to Zeitoun
 Here you will find numerous links and lots of great information on the book, the hurricane, and other related topics.
file iconSpokane Falls Library Link
 A direct jump to the library!
file iconWorks Cited Entries From SFCC Proquest
 A place to begin, but accuracy must be checked by YOU!

Readings: One Person Can Make a Difference!

file iconRachel Carson - Dangers of Chemical Pesticides
 This woman spoke her truth,and we are reaping the benefits today.


file iconsee pictures from NASA Observatory
Greenland glacier calves ice island 8/6/2010
file iconThe Earth Charter
file iconFormer President Clinton’s Global Iniative Home Page
file iconIPCC Findings 2/2007
 This is a brief article summarizing the findings of the IPCC’s meeting in 2007.
file iconIPCC Brief updated 2010
 This is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. They accept data only from peer reviewed experts.
file iconGlobal Warming Basics as of 2009
file iconJoint science academies’ statement:: Global response to climate change
 A plea from 11 nations, including ours, to take steps to reduce global warming and its potentially devastating effects.
file iconMyths & Facts About Global Warming (by experts)
 Check it out for yourself. The experts respond to the common myths. See if your favorite is there. The authors’ credentials are included. :)
file iconClimate Crisis Resources
file iconNational Snow and Ice Data Center re: Wilkins Ice Shelf
 This is a report from Mar 25, 2008 re: the collapse of another huge ice shelf in Antarctica. Note the agencies involved in the release of this information.
file iconRealities vs. Misconceptions about the Science of Climate Change
file iconNASA Earth Observatory: 2009 Ends Warmest Decade on Record
file iconNASA: Melt Season in the Arctic Getting Longer (2010)
file iconNASA Earth Observatory: Rapid Sea Ice Breakup along the Ronne-Filchner Ice Shelf Jan. 2010
file iconTranscript of "Dimming the Sun"
file iconImages: New NASA Satellite Survey Reveals Dramatic Arctic Sea Ice Thinning
file iconClimate Change - Science: Sea Level Changes EPA