CHAPTER 2: Biology and Psychology:

     Neurons are specialized cells making up the nervous system; more than 100 billion structured somewhat like trees communicate using chemical neurotransmitters. The cell body of a neuron contains the nucleus, which directs the work of the cell. So, in a sense, everything breaks down into bio-chemicals in your brain. Ever heard…”you are what you eat?” May be some truth to it after all. ;-) Glial cells support the neurons providing nourishment. Dendrites, perhaps hundreds, extend from the cell body to receive messages from other neurons. Axons, actually One per neuron, send messages to other neurons; get longer during maturation, and may extend several feet in length and have several branches. The Myelin Sheath, a white fatty tissues insulates many neurons in sausage-like segments. Afferent Neurons are sensory neurons which send messages to your brain. Efferent Neurons are motor neurons that send messages from the brain to your muscles; ever place you hand on a very hot or sharp surface?


      Assignment #1: Imagine taking a bite of a juicy apple or driving a race car. Briefly discuss the role that each part of the brain plays in this these acts.

#2: What is the advantage of knowing that a mental illness is caused by a neuro-chemical problem?  #3: Be familiar with the major parts and lobes of the brain.