College Knowledge

Writing Assignment #5



The Bio-Poem


All the writing we do comes from our thoughts and feelings, from our ideas and our emotions.In your first three essays of the quarter, you explored othersí ideas, words, and actions, and you have interacted with people who inhabit different worlds from your own.This time you can turn your attention inward and explore your interior self as a means of understanding the ideas and feelings that eventually surface in your writing.


With this background in mind, we ask that you create your own Bio-Poem, a close look at the inner YOU.Donít panic!NO RHYMING IS NECESSARY.Below you will find a skeletal format to follow, and this format may allow you to incorporate some of your new vocabulary.These poems will be reflections on who you are, and you will share them with one or two classmates.Because you want to contribute to the common-weal, please take your time, do some serious exploring, and have fun with language.




Your first name

Give at least three descriptive words for yourself

Give two similes or metaphors about yourself

Give a relationship to another person, then complete the following:


Lover of. . .

Who feels. . .

Who needs . . .

Who fears . . .

Who gives . . .

Who would like to see . . .

Who is grateful for . . .

Who is a resident of. . .

Your last name.


Have some fun with this one!



Length:Double space this and keep it to a single page.


Draft due:





Caring, trustworthy, compassionate


Heart as warm as a burner on a stove


Patient as the morning dew dripping off the flower




Lover of animals


Happy with life


Needs to live my life to the fullest of my potential


Fears getting old


Gives all of myself to my family and my relationship


Would like to see Hawaii


Grateful for my family


Resident of Montana