College Knowledge

Week 10:  March 8 -12




Monday, 8 March

            20-question reading quiz on the end of Frankenstein, 11 questions on 21-23 and 9 on 24.

            Seminar on the entire novel.

            Essay #4 collected for instructor feedback.  Impress us!

            How to read and annotate a textbook.


            Write your biopoem and bring to class Tuesday

            Beautifully polished Summary & Response of the two CK essays you selected      


Tuesday, 9 March

            Polished to perfection:  Summary of and Response to two CK essays

            Biopoems exchanged for peer input

            In-class work on textbook annotation; consult as needed.


First, print out a clean copy of Essay #3 or #4.  Then, read TPH, all of Part 3, “Writing Effective Sentences” 47-68.  Select one paragraph from your paper and revise various sentences ON THE  TYPED PAGE to demonstrates you’ve read and understood the ideas suggested in the Handbook chapters.

Portfolio work.


Wednesday, 10 March

Work on sentence style;  bring Essay #3 or 4  with revised paragraph; more work on sentence clarity and beauty. Essay #4 returned with suggestions for revision.

            Individual consultations about portfolios for those who have formulated questions

            Take the LC Survey

ASSIGNED:            Portfolio work


Thursday, 11 March

            10:30-11:20 individual consultations (10 minute max) about portfolios

Book club planning for presentations

ASSIGNED:  Put the final touches on your portfolio to make it the most impressive, comprehensive piece of work of the quarter.


Friday, 12 March

Portfolios submitted!

ASSIGNED:   Prepare and PRACTICE your book club presentation, which should last 10-15 minutes.  Remember, it counts as much as an essay!  We will meet at 10:30, Thursday, March 18 (our final exam time).