College Knowledge

Week 2:  January 12 – 16


Monday, 12 January

 Reading quiz and discussion of Chapters 1-3 of In My Hands

                 Establish life-lines

            Tom Wayman’s "Did I Miss Anything" and intention statements

ASSIGNED:  Finish drafting Essay 1 (adding paragraphs 4 and 5)—it must be typed by Thursday

                 Summarize one of the two editorials handed out in class on Monday

                 Read In My Hands through Part 1, page 68 for Wednesday


Tuesday, 13 January

Check paragraphs 4 & 5; check that life-lines are established

Explain notable and quotable quotes category

            Crash course in note-taking

            Topic and Main Idea--overheads and "Life Is Not Measured by GPA"


            Writing clear topic sentences for each paragraph in Essay #1

ASSIGNED:   Read Chapter Two of Read & Respond; bring College Knowledge to class

                    Complete LASSI & organize notebook (first notebook check will be Wed)

        Read In My Hands through Part 1, page 68 for Wednesday


Wednesday, 14 January

            Notebook check; reading quiz on In My Hands

            Vocabulary--selecting and learning new vocab (Chapter Two of Read & Respond) and dictionaries

            Discuss In My Hands 27-68

ASSIGNED:  for Thursday, read Kirzner and Mandell, The Pocket Handbook 1-10.

Typed draft of Essay #1


Thursday, 15 January

  Peer editing of Essay #1

              Finding major details (and distinguishing them from minor ones)    ASSIGNED: Final draft of ESSAY #1 due Friday

                   Bring Kirzner and Mandell, The Pocket Handbook to class


Friday, 16 January

            Progress check.

            Self-assessment memo in class attached to Essay #1.

            Self-selected grammar worries workshop.    

ASSIGNED:   In My Hands 71-111