College Knowledge

Week 3:  January 20 – 23



Tuesday, 20 January

            Discuss In My Hands up to 111; come to class with three quality questions that lead to good discussion. 

            Identify major details in Miller, “Life Is Not Measured” CK 23-25

            Reading:  identifying major details; bring College Knowledge

ASSIGNED:   Read In My Hands  to 159 

                          Due Thursday: Set #2vocab cards:  4 from reading + 1 from listening


Wednesday, 21 January

            Essays returned and confer about revisions, which are due Friday

            Reading:  major vs. minor details; bring College Knowledge

            In-class practice:  identify major details of Zawodniak “I’ll Have to Help    Some of You More than I Want  C K  13-22.

ASSIGNED:  Read In My Hands to 206

                        Complete Learning Journal #1

                        Begin Essay #1 revisions

Due tomorrow: Set #2vocab cards:  4 from reading + 1 from listening


Thursday, 22 January

Library orientation and research time:  Find info about book club    selections

Discuss In My Hands to 206

ASSIGNED: Finish In My Hands and essay #1 revisions



Friday, 25 January

            Essay #1 Revised—submit in peechee with previous graded draft

Final In My Hands discussion

            The complete sentence:  a grammar workshop.

ASSIGNED:  Come with 3 book club selections in order of preference

             Provide topic, main idea and major details of bell hooks “Keeping Close to Home” CK 131-44—we’d prefer it typed but will accept it in NEAT long hand in blue or black ink on loose-leaf paper

             Bring to class Monday, Plato, The Trial and Death of Socrates

             Work on Learning Journal #2, TBA