College Knowledge

Week 4:  January 26 – 30




Monday, 26 January

            Tie up loose ends,  In My Hands

More work on major details (using hooks’ essay) and You’re Not Listening video

Vocab workshop:  Parts of speech


·         Print out from Online Syllabus Documents M. Adler’s Essay “Marking Books” and preview it by writing down the topic and the main idea; then read it and divide it into sections, which you draw on your copy of the essay. 

·         Typed—double-spaced—reflection (at least one beefy paragraph—that’s 100+ words) about Opdyke’s memoir:  answer either a) who would you recommend read this book and why? OR b) what most impressed you about the memoir—explain in detail.

·         Prepare ahead:  Wed. vocab quiz and Thursday:  Set #3 vocab cards--4 from reading + 1 from listening.      


Tuesday, 27 January

            Discussion of Adler’s essay about marking books

            Paragraph quality and clarity:  scrambled and better

            Evaluating each other’s paragraphs about Opdyke’s memoir

ASSIGNED:    Study for vocab quiz and find a website about Ancient Greece


Wednesday, 28 January

Quiz on vocab cards, sets 1 & 2

            11-11:30 attend Club Day fair in SUB

Book clubs meet and divide the book into 5 chunks

ASSIGNED:  Bring to class Thursday, Plato, The Trial and Death of Socrates

                       Work on Learning Journal #2, due Friday


Thursday, 29 January

Vocabulary set #3 due.   Previewing a different kind of text, an OLD dialogue. 

Guest lecturer Richard Baldasty (SFCC History Instructor),  Going Ancient:      Athens in the 5th century B.C.E. , the world of Socrates and Plato

ASSIGNED: Read Euthyphro 1-9

                        Do Learning Journal #2


Friday, 30 January

            Discuss Euthyphro—what’s clear and what’s difficult about it.

            Learning Journals collected

ASSIGNED:  Finish Euthyphro 9-19.  In the margins,  mark every definition of piety that Euthyphro proposes and every time Socrates finds fault with that definition.