College Knowledge

Week 6:  February 9 - 13



·         Revision of Essay #2, Summary & Response of bell hooks’ essay “Keeping Close to Home” ; in your writing folder—the one with a blue sheet on the front—include the peer-edited drafts and the sheets on which your editors gave you feedback.

·         Trial & Death of Socrates: The Apology 20-27 (to paragraph 24c); when reading, annotate all passages that reveal Socrates’ character—the kind of person he is, the way he behaves in a difficult situation.


Monday, 9  February

            Discuss The Apology, which you are reading to get insights into Socrates’ character

            Vocabulary workshop—forms of the words you’ve already selected



Tuesday, 10 February

            Discuss second chunk of The Apology

Herrmann Brain Dominance Inventory—to prepare for Learning Journal #4      

ASSIGNED:    Prepare the second chunk of your book club selection


Wednesday, 11 February

            Book Clubs meet

            Finish HBDI preparation

Second hour:  return of Essay #2, Summary & Response


·         Study for vocab quiz #2 on sets 3-4; double check your own sentences

·         Begin work on your Learning Journal

·         Finish vocab set #5


Thursday, 12 February

Peer editing of response and revised summary for Essay  #2 (2 – 2 ½ pages)

Discuss Euthyphro (Trial and Death 9-19)

Vocabulary set #4 due  



Friday, 13 February

            Discuss Apology and the picture of Socrates that emerges from this document

            Learning Journal #4 collected.  Discuss Essay #3.

ASSIGNED:   1.  brainstorm ways to compare and contrast Irene Gut and Socrates.

Read and annotate Crito 43-54.  How is this dialogue in which Socrates is talking to a friend different from Euthyphro?  Also,  look for ways this dialogue reveals Socrates’ character and principles.