College Knowledge

Week 7:  February 16 - 20                                                                                                                                                                              





Monday, 16 February            Presidents’ Day Holiday—OK to skip school


Tuesday, 17  February

            Discuss death scene from Pheado, brainstorm essay #3, compare and contrast

Self-assessment of your summary-writing skills (early & now).  Summary-Response for final   portfolio.           



Wednesday, 18 February

Essay #2 rewrites collected. 

Discuss outlines and paragraph development.  In class, write one body paragraph of at least 100 words; meanwhile, notebooks are graded.

Book Clubs meet.




Thursday, 19 February

Check-in on topic and main idea of Sanday’s essay; seminar on “Pulling Train”

Seminar on Sanday’s “Pulling Train”

10 minutes only: vocab test on set #5; collect set #6

Writing introductions and conclusions—“make me care” and “so what?”



Friday, 20 February

            Peer edit Essay #3; learning Journal #5 collected. 

            Individual advising about next quarter’s registration.

ASSIGNED:    1.  Revise to perfection Essay #3

                        2.  CK reading to be assigned