College Knowledge

Week 8:  February 23 - 27




Monday, 23  February

                Essay #3 collected and cover memo

Describe portfolios and book club projects

Begin Frankenstein (in class 1-16); for Wednesday, read and annotate chapters 1-3 (17-35) and be prepared for a 10 question reading quiz.




Tuesday, 24 February

                Group discussion of previewed essays from CK and in groups, begin work on one summary outline.

In class, write a paragraph demonstrating your perfect understanding of two sentence patters on the handout; you must also use a significant number of your vocab words from this quarter.  


Read and annotate chapters 1-3 (17-35) and be prepared for a 10 question reading quiz.

                Prepare for Vocab test on set #6.

Read and annotate Frankenstein chapter 4 (36-42) and write 2 discussion questions that have legs—that require attention to more than one place in the book in order to answer


Wednesday, 25 February

                Seminar on Frankenstein chapters 1-4

                Essay #3 returned with grades

                Vocab test on set #6                        


·         Prepare the next chunk of your book club selection.  Discussion leaders: make sure your questions require answers from multiple parts of the book and make sure your handout does NOT supply the pages

·         Finish vocab set #7


Thursday, 26 February

                Book Club discussion and project planning; possible Gallery Orientation with Tom O’Day

Begin viewing The Pianist (its director, Roman Polanski, won the 2002 Academy Award). 



Friday, 27 February

                Finish viewing The Pianist.


ASSIGNED:   Read Frankenstein chapters 8-11 (68-97) and team #2 creates a 10 question reading quiz.