College Knowledge

Week 9:  March 1 - 5




Monday, 1 March

            Reading quiz on Frankenstein Chapters 4-7; quickie lecture on reading and annotating for themes.

            Group work on summary outlines to double check for accurate reading and understanding

            Essay #4 assigned.


      Read Frankenstein Chapters 8-11—reading quiz follows—and write 2 discussion questions

Revision of Essay #3—include ONLY the graded essay, the revision with highlighted changes and the essay evaluation form.

Print out two copies of Essay #3 revisions to carry to class.  Keep one separate from your writing folder because we’re going to use it in class.


Tuesday, 2 March

            Quiz on Frankenstein 8-11

Seminar on the novel for the #1s from last Wednesday

Who are you writing for? Workshop:  a reason to care about sentences and vocabulary 


Write two summaries and responses from summary outlines--peer edited Thursday

            Vocab test on set 7

            Read Frankenstein Chapters 12-14—quiz follows—and two discussion questions

            Prepare your last chunk of book club


Wednesday, 3 March

            Vocab quiz and reading quiz

            Book Clubs finish up and start planning presentations

            Brainstorm for essay #4


Read Frankenstein Chapters 15-17—quiz follows—and come with two questions


Thursday, 4 March

            Peer edit two summaries

Outline of Essay #4 due for instructor OK and in-class work on body paragraphs       


Read Frankenstein Chapters 18-20

Write funnel introduction and 3 body paragraphs for Essay #4


Friday, 5 March

Peer Edit Essay 4

Reading quiz on Frankenstein Chapters 18-20 and seminar on the novel


Finish reading Frankenstein Chapters 21-24; two quizzes

Revision of Essay #4 due Monday; continue revising 2 summary & responses.