Massey Hierarchy of Sources

[This taxonomy is subjective and reflects only what I generally consider to be most and least credible. Your specific audience may disagree.]




1)    Articles appearing in academic journals:


2)    National & International News Weeklies: [e.g., Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, The Economist, etc.]


3)    Credibility ValueBooks:

a)    Academic Publishers [MIT University Press, U. of California Press, U. of Southern Illinois etc.]

b)    Commercial Press – Double Day, Simon & Schuster, etc.

c) Trade Press – Sage etc.Credibility Value


4)    Official University & Governmental Reports & Web Pages, Public agencies, and individual reputable researchers’ Web Pages

b)    Studies and research reports - subject to credibility of sponsoring organization

        [Online versions of authored publications and entities generally have the same credibility as their printed and published versions.]


5)    News agencies [e.g., AP, UPI, Reuters, AFP]

c)    National Newspapers – [e.g., Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, etc.]


6)    T.V. and Radio Shows (including news shows)


7)    Non-sponsored [no affiliation with a non-cyber organization] Internet sites and web pages


8)    Anything that “everybody” knows