Informative Outline Format
(Topical Pattern)


Specific Purpose/Goal: (I want my audience to know/understand/appreciate…)



INTRODUCTION – (Actual speech starts with attention getter…)


§  Attention Getter - (Seriously, you need to get our attention.)

§  Topic  - (This should exactly match your topic email from me)

§  Ethos & Audience Adaptation - (Tell us why you’re qualified to talk about this topic and make us want to know more (Information Hunger)

§  Preview - (Tell us what your main points will be)

(Transition/Sign Post included in Preview)


BODY             (3-5 Main Points)


1.   Main Point                  [cites?]

(Transitions between each Main Point)

2.   Main Point                  [cites?]


3.   Main Point

a)   Subordinate points (need to be clearly shown as such by being below and inside Main Points)       [cites?]

i)     Like This!


4.   Visual Aid? (Include in outline at whatever point you intend to use it)


(The Transition from the Body to the Conclusion is the Signal)




§  Signal          - (Is a Transition, it tells us you’re “winding up)”

§  Summary    - (Briefly review each of your main points)

§  Closing         (Remind us of your topic and let us know that you’re done!)




§  APA or MLA cites of all sources used as supporting material (minimum of 5)