Informative Speech Assignment

CMST 101



Purpose:  The purpose of this speech is to share ideas and information with the audience by fully describing and explaining the complete subject that is your topic. Through this speech, you will have the opportunity to “teach” us something. Therefore, this speech should inform the audience on your topic as if it were generally unknown to them, while developing its significance to them specifically, as well as society generally, and at a depth that we will find truly educational. 


Description:  This speech should be 5-7 minutes in length and a comprehensive preparation outline, featuring 3-5 main points, is required at the beginning of your speech. There are penalties for going over or under the required time limits. This means you will need to practice your speech sufficiently to be sure of its length.


In addition, at least five references, listed in the “References” section and cited in either APA or MLA style only, are required for this speech.
(see p. 365 in your text for APA examples)


All five of these sources must be verbally cited within the speech as supporting material for claims that are made or data that are offered. All sources cited must be credible. The use of a visual aid is optional.

APA and MLA citation styles may be accessed at:

(APA) and



Evaluation:  This speech is worth 25% of your course grade. The preparation outline is included in that total. Please remember that we practice extemporaneous speaking, not manuscript presentation. Your speech will be graded on content, organization and delivery. The specific elements that will be graded are listed in the Informative Speech Evaluation Criteria on our course website.


Remember, the purpose of this speech is to inform your audience on your topic, not to attempt to persuade them of what you believe. Be creative in choosing your topic and make sure that it really interests you. If you have questions or concerns, please come to my office hours. I encourage you to meet with me early enough to get feedback on your outline.