Informative Speech Evaluation List

CMST 101



Time: 5-7 Minutes

Practice until you’re sure that your speech will be within the two-minute margin! A speech that runs too short or too long is definitive evidence that it was not practiced enough.



Arrangement: 3-5 Main Points?



§   Effectively and creatively gained the audience’s attention?

§   Clear statement of subject and topic?

§   Clear Preview of main points?

§   Established Ethos & related topic to audience?

§   Effective Signal?

§   Relevant Summary?

§   Smooth transitions?

§   Well organized and easy to follow?

§   Discrete and complete main points?



Invention: All significant arguments from both sides?



§   Effectively supported claims with evidence [oral cites]?

§   Effective visual aid?

§   Were all essential perspectives covered?

§   Does the audience understand the nature and key elements of the topic?

§   Was the topic sufficiently researched?



 Memory & Delivery: Credible enough?



§   Eye contact?

§   Free enough from reading?

§   Voice projection/inflection/rate?

§   Disfluencies & nervous habits?

§   Gestures & posture?

§   Was the speech sufficiently practiced?