Assignments: All written assignments (other than pop-quizzes) will be typed, using one-inch margins, 11 or 12pt. Arial or Times New Roman fonts, double-spaced, with page numbers, stapled, and printed on either one or both sides of the paper, with your full name and class time in the upper right corner. Effective use of paragraphs is also a requirement in college-level exposition and for acceptance of work in this class. No papers with page-long paragraphs will be accepted. They’re torture to read and almost impossible to grade.

Assignments not meeting the above criteria, or minimum page requirements, will not be accepted and will be marked down one full grade [4.0 to 3.0] while being redone. Assignments must be submitted in class. They will not be accepted via email.

Late/Missed Assignments: In this class a late assignment is a missed assignment. Assignments not turned in by the end of class on their due dates will not be accepted.