CMST 227

Group Project Presentation Evaluation


GROUP: ____________________________


Members Participating:                                                                    Total Time: _____

                                                                                                            (30-45 min. allocated)

1.____________________     2._____________________   3.__________________


4.____________________     5._____________________


Preparation (25%)

§   Were sufficient research, imagination, and planning evident in the group’s presentation?

§   Did it seem as if they’d practiced and rehearsed sufficiently to make their presentation well organized, timely, and interesting to the class?

§   Did this appear as a true “group” effort rather than a series of individual presentations?


Unsatisfactory         Satisfactory         Good       Excellent


Completeness (40%)

§   Did the group effectively show the culture’s use of verbal and nonverbal norms? (written and spoken)

§   Did the group cover all the required aspects of the subject culture?

§   Were enough examples of relevant cultural behavior and settings included? (show vs. tell)


Unsatisfactory         Satisfactory         Good       Excellent


Course Relevance (20%)

§   Was the group able to demonstrate course competence in their interpretations of cultural patterns?

§   Did the presentation use course concepts and terminology effectively?

§   Was the group able to show/give examples of Kohls’ behaviors and values?


Unsatisfactory         Satisfactory         Good       Excellent


Delivery (15%)

§   Did the members speak professionally and present their material credibly (with correct pronunciations) and clearly?

§   Did this group avoid “reading” to the class?

§   Did all group members appear to have practiced their parts?


Unsatisfactory         Satisfactory         Good       Excellent



Grade: _____