The Top Ten List of Errors that

    Spell-Check Cannot Catch




1)  Too / to / two 

We too, are going to the meeting in two hours.


2)  They’re / their / there

They’re spending their vacation in the Midwest because they’ve never been there.


3) Than / then

He asked for less than five minutes of my time; then he took an hour.


4)  Where / were / we’re

Where we went wrong was in thinking that we were infallible; we’re not.


5)  Affect / effect

Many people are affected by the realization that nuclear war would have far-reaching effects.



6)     Apart (from)/ a part (of)

Apart from my spelling, you can tell that I’m a part of this year’s graduating class.


7) You’re (you are)/ your (possessive pronoun)

You’re crazy if you think I’m cleaning up your mess.


8)  Except / accept

All the plaintiffs except Mr. Kim decided to accept the settlement.


9) Who’s / whose

Who’s (who is) standing on the patio and whose (belonging to whom)sculpture is that next to them?


10) It’s (it is) / its (possessive pronoun)

It’s important to observe the rat before it has its meal.