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Winter 2008 English Composition

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Look for supplemental WWW resources on the Links page.


file iconSantaland Diaries by David Sedaris
 Here’s the Santaland Diaries essay we listened to in class.
Pay attention to how he goes from specific information to an abstract idea, and how he’s able to reach a general audience.

Grammar and Mechanics

file iconOnline grammar and writing exercises
 These are online exercises you should complete on your own, especially if you are having problems with any of the grammatical issues listed.

MLA Citation and General Writing tips

file iconPurdue Online Writing Lab
 In my opinion, this is the best online resource for students in a composition course.


file iconUSC Annenberg Video Series on Writing and Composition
 This is a wonderful video series that covers many of the topics of concern for writers and students. It features some of the best writers in the field.