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Media Writing

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Campus News

The Communicator Online
 This is the online version of the Communicator, the only newspaper serving the SFCC community.

Local News

The Pacific Northwest Inlander
 The Inlander is Spokane’s alternative weekly newspaper.
The storytelling is quite a bit different from what you’ll find in the Spokesman-Review. Many young people prefer this type of publication.
The Spokesman-Review

News of the Pacific Northwest
 This is a new online paper devoted solely to news from the Pacific Northwest. This model represents what some consider the future of regional journalism: online, free, professionally-written content, and local.

Online Newspapers

Chicago Tribune
The Brunswick News
 Working at this little paper on the Georgia coast taught me a lot about what it means to be a journalist. Look at how they handle some small town stories with a degree of sophistication usually reserved for larger metro papers.
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
The Seattle Times
The St. Petersburg Times
 The St. Pete Times rivals the NY Times in quality. Its editors favor a literary approach to storytelling.
The New York Times
 The New York Times is widely considered one of the best newspapers in the country. Thier website features some really interesting interactive features, as well as a good use of multimedia content to convey information in an interesting way.
The Los Angeles Times
 For years, the LA Times has struggled to overtake the NY Times as the country’s paper of record.

Professional Organizations for Journalists

Society for Professional Journalists
 The SPJ is a group of journalists dedicated to free press issues. I want you to read their Code of Ethics carefully.

Public radio

National Public Radio
 This is the website for National Public Radio -- a great place to find podcasts of national/world news, talk radio and feature stories.
On Point: A talk radio program with host Tom Ashbrook
 For my money, this is the best talk radio around.
This American Life
 This is what many consider the cutting edge of journalism and storytelling.

Story Ideas

Al’s Morning Meeting
 The Poynter Institute’s Al Tompkins sends out a list of story ideas every morning to journalists. This is a gold mine for reporters, and a good way for you to see the kind of raw information that goes into a news story.

Textbook companion website

Inside Reporting website
 This is the companion website to your text. I expect you to use it frequently throughout the quarter.

The Cutting Edge
 This website gets its name from a now-obsolete practice of placing unsolicited manuscripts "over the transom" of a news publisher’s door in the middle of the night in hopes of getting noticed.
This is one of the most interesting, exciting things I’ve seen in recent years -- and they’re encouraging you to get involved.

The Poynter Institute for Media Studies

The Poynter Institute for Media Studies
 Every journalism student should get to know Poynter’s site by heart. They’ve recently introduced online courses for those of you wanting to learn more about any of the topics covered in this class. Excellent site!


 This is the web site for Frontline, the award-winning PBS documentary series. The entire archive is available online.
Program of note: Bob Dylan: No Direction Home.
USC Annenberg Intro to Journalism Video Series
 This is the best introduction to news writing I’ve yet found.

Writing Resources

Your textbook’s companion site
 I’ll refer you to this site for practice exercises in AP style and writing help. It’s free to register.
Purdue’s Online Writing Lab
 Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is the best site I’ve found for any writing concerns you might encounter.

AP Style

AP Basics
 This is an AP introduction that might help you get the hang of Associated Press style.
Quick AP Style reference
Quick AP Style reference