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Jason Nix
English 131: Introduction to Literature

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MLA Citation and General Writing tips

file iconMLA Citation Basic Handout
 MLA Citation Basic Handout
file iconQuoting poetry in MLA format
 Here’s how to quote poetry according to MLA style.


file iconGlossary of Poetic Terms
file iconPoetry Outline from the Text
file iconQuoting poetry according to MLA style

Policies Sheet

file iconPolicies Sheet

Reader responses

file iconReader Response Template
 Use this form to complete your reader responses. If you do not have MS Word at home, you can duplicate the text in a program of your choice or use the SFCC library free of charge.

Reading Schedule

file iconReading Schedule


file iconSyllabus Spring 2007
 Updated 05/02/2007


file iconPoetic Terminology from Text
 Here is an outline of the poetic terms described in your text.