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Winter 2008 English Composition

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The documents page provides links to the course syllabus and other important handouts.

Drafts and Portfolio info

Drafts and Portfolio Grading

Grading Criteria for Essays in this class

Grading criteria for Comp 101 essays

Logic handouts

Fallacies: The Conterfeit of Argument
 Read carefully. These will trip you up if you’re not careful.
Logical Reasoning and the Research Paper

MLA Citation

MLA Citation handout

Powerpoint Presentations

Myths about Comp 101

sample essays

Sample student essay in MLA style
 Check this paper for a model of how to use MLA style within your essay.

Sample Personal Essays

Personal Essay Youth Trip

Sample Persuasive Essays

Home Schooling
Saving for college
Football overtime

Sample Research Essays

Future of Life

Sample Subculture Essays

Pastry Chef

Writing Handouts

Integrating Sources into your essay