CMST 227 - Group Project Assignment


Each group will give a 30-40 minute PowerPoint™ or Prezi™ presentation.


Groups are expected to SHOW us what their subject culture’s communicative behavior looks and sounds like, while interpreting the behavior presented in terms of course content, patterns and indexes. The presentation should take viewers to that culture by showing us as many of the subject culture’s norms, values, and beliefs as possible. Don’t tell us, SHOW us what your culture is like.




This Group Project is 25% of your course grade.  Presentations will be graded according to preparation, completeness, course relevance, and delivery.

See the Cultural Project Evaluation Form on our class website for details.


Participation is required by all members. Problem - Solution

Non-participatory/supportive members who have been “fired” by the group will need to complete an alternative project/assignment.




While presentations do not require a theme, they must be seen as a seamless whole, rather than a series of individual presentations cobbled together at the last minute. Make sure each member of your group gives what appear to be elements of a single presentation. Each member of your group must present at some point, though it doesn’t have to be equal parts. Take care to insure that, as a group, you’ve covered everything that’s required in a well-organized and logical sequence. Groups should dress appropriately for a public presentation, or as their subject culture dictates.


What the presentation MAY NOT BE is incomplete, boring, disorganized, or poorly prepared.  Please don’t even consider reading Power Point slides to us…we can read.  Your slides should show what you can’t tell.

I repeat, don’t even consider reading Power Point slides to us. Power Point is a great medium for setting up your topics and linking to the actual visual examples. Groups or individuals attempting to read us slides will be stopped.


*An excellent first step is to WATCH A MOVIE from the subject culture, TOGETHER AS A GROUP…

Your lives will be much easier if you make your presentation available to all group members to edit/build by either putting it in the “cloud,” (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) or using Prezi, which is already a cloud application.



A TOPIC OUTLINE is an ideal way to identify the necessary areas to be covered and assigned to group members.  As in the Cultural Identity paper, there are certain elements of the subject culture that must be included.   


At a minimum these are, and in the order they should be presented:


1.    Vital Statistics (a good starting point for these is the CIA World Fact Book link on our course website)

Population, (show Geography, Location, Climate, *Scenery), Ethnicities, Per Capita Income, Cost of living, Industries and Sources of income, etc.
*[A great opening to the presentation is a “beauty” video of the country and its attractions, like those their tourism ministries produce.]


2.    Deep Structure Institutions

A.   History (Also include important current issues) Start with History; we need to know this in order to contextualize everything else.

B.    Family

C.    Religion

D.   State

                                                                               i.            Government, Education, Social Organizations, etc.

                                                                             ii.            Media (examples of Newspapers, TV shows, Movies, Music)

3.    Kohls’ Values (Typically these will be the “Foreign Counterpart” values from Kohls’ chart)

Show us how these values show up in your culture’s day to day life.


4.    Verbal Behavior 

We need to hear this culture’s use of language and see its writing, if not a Roman alphabet


5.    Nonverbal Behavior/Norms 

Show us how the members of your culture practice these: (e.g., Judgments of beauty, Attire, Fashion, Space, Body language, etc.)


6.     Lifestyle

Show us your culture’s:  Workday Hours, Leisure Activities, Meals/Food, Arts, Architecture, Technology, Healthcare, Jobs, Popular trends, etc.?