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Steve Gamberoni
Audio Engineering

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Look for supplemental WWW resources on the Links page.
file iconMastering/ digital audio info
 Bob Katz’s website. Filled with useful info on mastering, compression, mixing and digital audio topics.
Digital Domain

Digital Audio I

file iconDigital Audio Basics
 This site is a good reference page to review the basics of digital audio theory.

Digital Audio II

file iconMIDI Song Downloads
 Use this link to search for and download MIDI tracks of popular songs

Digital Audio III

file iconA History of Console Automation Systems

Digital Audio IV

file iconMIDI Message Tables
file iconAVID TV - Structure Demo

Digital Audio V

file iconLocation Sound Handout
Location Sound: The Basics and Beyond
file iconLocation Sound Tech Tips
file iconSounds in the Key of Life
 Foley article by Karen Stackpole

System Set Up and Maintenance

file iconKhan Academy_Logarithms
file iconKhan Academy_series and parallel practice problems
file iconWISC-ONLINE Practice Problems
file iconOpen Resource for Electronics
file iconVoltage and Current in a Practical Circuit
file iconSeries Circuits Videos
Series Circuits part I Video
file iconPower Equations and Ohm's Law Tutorials
file iconSeries Circuits part II Video
file iconBasic Electronics II Series and Parallel Circuits
Circuit Connections
file iconCorrect Use of Ohm’s Law
Ohm’s Law
file iconTech Tips: Special +4/-10 Edition
 More Than You Wanted to Know About How dB's Work

Useful Terms

file iconAudio Glossary