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file iconCollective Memories
 April 26th lecture: Society and Culture, Collective Memory
Culture is a way of life. In some places, it cuts across national boundaries and takes in people who live in two, three or four nations. In other places, two distince cultures ( English and French in Canada, for example) may coexist within a single national noundary. For this reason, we distinguish between cultures and societies.
A society is the population that shares the same territory and is bound together by economic and political ties. often the members share a common culture but not always.
Collective memory: Culture, politics, and social influence are also interwoven in the creation of collective memories----a culture’s ideas about its own past. Collective memories appear in history textbooks and traditional folk songs and are displayed in museums and monuments such as Vietnam War Memorial.
Monuments such as the aVietnam War Memorial symbolize a society’s image about its past. Cultural change is often accompalished by competing versions of such collective memories.

file iconCollective Memories
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