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Asa Bradley
Physics 100

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Course Info & Handouts

This page contains links to the syllabus, schedules, and to anything I hand out in class (if I have an electronic copy).

Course Information

Physics 100 Syllabus
 Describes the course, lists books, talks about assignments and tests, shows grading scale, gives study tips, and specifies the rules of behavior.
Tentative Calendar for FQ 17
 Lists what chapters we’ll cover when in class, tests, and other due dates. This document also shows you how to get access to the Mastering Physics online homework system.
Instructor Schedule
 Shows where to find Asa Bradley on campus at various times, including when she has office hours and when she is teaching other classes.


Chapter 1 Terms and Definitions
 These slides contain the vocabulary and information you need to know for Ch. 1.
Scientific Method Flow Chart
 This is a blow-up of the Scientific Method Flow Chart slide.
Graphing Paper