Resources for Study of Spanish (Bonnie Brunt)

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Enlaces (Links)

Even though I am no longer teaching Spanish I wanted to make these links available to help any student learning Spanish and/or any instructor teaching Spanish. If you have a favorite online resource that is not listed here, feel free to email the link to me and I will post it! For some useful documents, click "Documentos" (in the left column). ¡Que te diviertas! (Have fun!) and contact me if you have any questions. :-)

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SFCC Links

Spanish Films in the SFCC Library
Study Abroad in Salamanca, Spain
Spanish Program Web Page
SFCC Library
Peer Tutoring Schedules

Learning Spanish Online

language zen - learning Spanish with songs
DuoLingo - Learning Spanish Gamified (FREE)
LiveMocha online community
Notes in Spanish - podcasts and fun videos
Yabla - Language Immersion Through Video (monthly fee)
Nulu - Learn Spanish by Listening to the News (monthly fee)
ThinkSpanish Magazine (monthly fee)
Website with more useful links!

Fun stuff

Washing away Hispanic Labels - Tide Commercial
The "One Semester of Spanish" Spanish Love Song
The "Second Semester of Spanish" Spanish Love Song
The German Coast Guard
Sports Center - International Edition
SNL sketch "La policía mexicana"

Ask Velázquez Dictionary
Diccionario de la Real Academia (Spanish-Spanish)

Translators - use with care!

Google Translate
Lingro webpage translation
Text to speech translator

Verb Conjugators


Tutorials and interactive exercises

123TeachMe - Spanish on Spanish Language
Aprender Español
drlemon's Grammar Notes
eLearn Spanish Lessons
Lenguajero - resources for studing Spanish
Medical Spanish
Prof Jehle's Course Resources
SPAnish - LEarn it ONline
Ejercicios de Juan M. Soto Arriví
Trinity grammar exercises
BBC - languages - Spanish
grammar exercises from

Miscellaneous Links

flashcard program
PBS Black in Latin America
PBS Latin Music USA
Learning Styles Survey
Study tips for Spanish

Vista Higher Learning