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Resources for Study of Spanish (Bonnie Glantz)

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Even though I am no longer teaching Spanish I wanted to make these documents available to help any student learning Spanish and/or any instructor teaching Spanish. Feel free to print them out or take them and modify them as you see fit! For some useful links, click "Enlaces" (in the left column). ¡Que te diviertas! (Have fun!) and contact me if you have any questions. :-)


file iconEl/la computador/a
file iconA riddle in Spanish
file iconEl valor de una coma


file iconSpanish Language Films in the SFCC Library
file iconSpanish Language Films in the SFCC Library
file iconMovie Survey
file iconFilm Pre-approval Form
file iconSample film report


file iconKatie’s Chart Revised
file iconSummary - Pronouns and Verbs
file iconUseful Words for Writing Compositions
file iconVerbos como GUSTAR
file iconEl pretérito
file iconCanción - irregulares del pretérito
file iconPretérito vs Imperfecto
file iconSER vs. ESTAR
file iconser-estar adjectives
file iconConectores
file iconPOR vs. PARA
file iconOverview of Spanish Verb Conjugations

International Language Center and Tutoring

file iconTyping accent marks
file iconSetting your keyboard to type accent marks
file iconTutoring information
file iconWhat to do in the ILC - Invitaciones
file iconILC Resources 121-122-123
file iconWhat to do in the ILC - Imagina
file iconILC Resources 221-222-223
file iconTime Sheet


file iconComposition - sample sentences
file iconSample composition - text
file iconSample presentation - PowerPoint

Grading rubrics

file iconGrading rubric for homework
file iconGrading rubric for composition
file iconGrading rubric for presentation