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Resources for Study of Spanish (Bonnie Glantz)

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Enlaces (Links)

Even though I am no longer teaching Spanish I wanted to make these links available to help any student learning Spanish and/or any instructor teaching Spanish. If you have a favorite online resource that is not listed here, feel free to email the link to me and I will post it! For some useful documents, click "Documentos" (in the left column). ¡Que te diviertas! (Have fun!) and contact me if you have any questions at :-)

file iconEmail Bonnie

SFCC Links

file iconSpanish Films in the SFCC Library
file iconSFCC Modern Language Web Page
file iconSFCC Library
file iconPeer Tutoring Schedules

Learning Spanish Online

file iconFree Ways to Learn a Language
file iconDuoLingo - Learning Spanish Gamified (FREE)
file iconPronunciator - through Spokane Public Libraries
file iconMemRise - Learning Languages with Native Speakers
file iconNotes in Spanish - podcasts and fun videos
file iconBusuu - learn Spanish & interact with real people (free or paid version)
file iconThinkSpanish Magazine (monthly fee)
file iconYabla - Language Immersion Through Video (monthly fee)
file iconlanguage zen - learning Spanish with songs
file iconLiveLingua free Spanish courses

Fun stuff

file iconWashing away Hispanic Labels - Tide Commercial
file iconThe "One Semester of Spanish" Spanish Love Song
file iconThe "Second Semester of Spanish" Spanish Love Song
file iconThe German Coast Guard
file iconSports Center - International Edition
file iconSNL sketch "La policía mexicana"


file iconasi hablamos - regional variations in Spanish
file iconLingro
file iconLinguee dictionary / web translation
file iconTREX - TRanslate EXamples dictionary
file iconspanishdict
file iconAsk Velázquez Dictionary
file iconDiccionario de la Real Academia (Spanish-Spanish)

Translators - use with care!

file iconGoogle Translate
file iconLinguee dictionary / web translation
file iconBing Microsoft translator
file iconLingro webpage translation
file iconText to speech translator

Verb Conjugators

file icondial-a-verb
file iconspaleon

Tutorials and interactive exercises

file icon¡Conjuguemos!
file icon123TeachMe - Spanish
file on Spanish Language
file iconAprender Español
file icondrlemon's Grammar Notes
file iconeLearn Spanish Lessons
file iconlinguasorb
file iconMedical Spanish
file iconProf Jehle's Course Resources
file icontodo-claro
file iconlanguageguide
file iconSPAnish - LEarn it ONline
file iconstudyspanish
file iconColby
file iconEjercicios de Juan M. Soto Arriví
file iconquia
file iconBBC - languages - Spanish
file icongrammar exercises from

Miscellaneous Links

file iconFlashcard Machine
file iconPhonetics
file iconPBS Black in Latin America
file iconPBS Latin Music USA
file iconTranslator Resources
file iconChegg Flashcards
file iconStudy tips for Spanish

Vista Higher Learning

file iconSupersitio