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CMST 230
Small Group Communication

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Look for supplemental WWW resources on the Links page.

Case Study

 This is our case study this quarter in examining communicative behavior and effects in groups. The link above will take you to the show site where you can: get background information on the tribes and their members, read recaps of the episodes and watch past episodes.

Web Resources

file iconOn Campus Computer Labs Available to Students
 There are more than 250 Windows and Mac computers available to SFCC students. Click the link above for indidividual lab access times and system features.
file iconAPA Writing & Citation Style
 No need to keep guessing. Click here to see exactly how sources are cited.
file iconMcGraw- Hill; Small Group Communication Website
 Check out this site to see the background and corpus of literature in this discipline. You will encounter perspectives beyond what our textbook offers; some supporting our authors’ perspectives, some contrasting.