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English 101

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Today’s documents were brought to you by Oliver, who was a hot dog for Halloween

file iconIf you weren’t in class on Tuesday, you need to read this!!
Submission requirements for research packet
file iconWe meet in my office: Building 3, Room 113
 I will also post this list on my door. Please do NOT add your name to the list without checking first with me.
Conferences on Paper 3
file iconThe Syllabus
 Class policies are here. You will also find the key to the marginal notations for errors in mechanics.
file iconTentative schedule Updated 10/16
file iconSample Works Cited
 Note the format--double-spacing, hanging indent, alphabetical order, no extra spaces between entries, etc.

Handouts for Friday’s cancelled class

file iconQuote Integration
 The first paragraph in this document is NOT well done. The quotes are not integrated smoothly, and the ideas lack development and analysis.
file iconParaphrasing Responsibly
 This document is very important. Responsible paraphrases do NOT simply change a few words from the original. Slipping in a few synonyms leaves you with a plagiarized paraphrase, even if you cite the source. You do not need to do the exercises on the second page, but you do need to understand and apply the information from the first page.

Impromptu Prompts

file iconImpromptu #1 Monday, 11/13
 We will be engaging in an in-class write on Monday. Think about your response and be ready to write. Do note, however, that you may NOT bring notes or drafts into class; the impromptu must be composed in class.
file iconImpromptu #2 Monday 11/27


file iconPenguin Dovetail Transitions

Paper #1

file iconnarrative assignment
file iconSample Thesis Statements

Paper #2

file iconPaper #2 Assignment Sheet
file iconSample Essays

Papers 3 and 4

file iconAnnotated Summaries Due Monday, 10/30
file iconResearch Assignment Sheet


file iconMidterm Portfolio Cover Sheet