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Kellie Fischer
English 101

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The Documents page provides links to the course syllabus and other important handouts.

Getting Started

Syllabus 9:30 (daily class)
Syllabus 10:30 Hybrid (MWF only)
Calendar through end of quarter 9:30 only
Calendar through the end of the quarter--10:30 only
First Day Survey
Syllabus Quiz

Student Examples

Student Sample 1--Moore Essay
 This is an early draft that still needs work, but it is at the stage you should be with your drafts. use this and the others below to help you with ideas for content, organization, and format.
Student Example Essay--Moore
Student Example Essay--Moore
Student Example Essay--Moore


Audience Discovery Questions
Commenting on First Drafts of Essays for Peers
Evaluation Criteria for Websites
Guidelines for Writing Critiques
Guidelines for Writing Summaries
MLA Format with 2009 updates on works cited (Hawthorne)
Responding to Comments from Peers
Successful Student Behaviors
Thesis Statements
Writing Process Guide
Works Cited Entry for Michael Moore Article
Zeitoun Library Handout from Librarian Josh Hogan


Essay 1: Moore Summary and Response
Essay 2: Zeitoun--An Argument
Candy Bar Wars--The Argument in Poster Format
Essay 3: Research of Your Choice (within reason)
Final Journal/Essay with a Creative Flair :)
More Quote Integration Help from Librarian George Suttle
Journals - updated 1/21/2011

Extra Credit Opportunities

Student Success Workshops
 Attend any or all of these workshops and bring me an initialed handout for 5 points extra credit. You get double the value: new, important skills AND extra credit points in English!!
Beacon Hill Poetry Reading Jan 26, 2011
First Friday: JFT Gallery

Writing Plan

Descriptive/Narrative Essay: Sample Writing Plan
 Remember that this is a tool we used in class to begin the workshop process. It has LOTS of problems and is not, therefore, an example of what to do, right?
Writing Plan Example for a Body Paragraph with Paragraph
Writing Plan for a Research Essay - An abbreviated Sample


Actions that Promote Effective Seminars
What’s in a Seminar?
Seminar Rubric


Mid-term Portfolio Instructions for Students
Portfolio Format for Essay
Portfolio Cover Sheet - Midterm Essay 1
Final Portfolio Cover Sheet Essay 2
Final Portfolio Cover Sheet Essay 3
Final Portfolio Instructions for Students
Portfolio Preview 3rd edition
 Here you can find information about the portfolio process and see actual student essays and how they were scored. This will help you to determine where your essay might score and how you might need to revise it to make an "exemplary" essay. :)

Final Collection and Group Presentation

Final Presentation 10:30 class only!!
Group Presentation Instructions - 9:30 only!
Final Presentation Group Rubric
 Each GROUP needs only ONE copy of this document.
Final Presentation Individual Rubric
 Each member of the group needs one copy of this document on presentation day.
Peer Evaluations for Group Presentation
Final Collection Instructions
Final Collection instructions 10:30 only!!
Final Collection Scoring Guide