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Global Issues - Political Science 125

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Midterm Instructions

Political Science 125 Midterm Instructions
        The midterm is scheduled for next Tuesday, October 24. It will last one hour. You will need a blue book. There will be eight multiple choice questions, ten short answer questions and five essay questions on the test. You must choose three of the essay questions to answer. The essays must be 100-150 words in length. Use a blue or black ball point pen (NOT PENCIL). The multiple choice and short answer questions will be drawn from in-class discussions and the handouts/questions/topics listed on my class website. The essay questions will be drawn from the following list.
  1. Discuss whether the world is a unipolar system or a multipolar system. Using three examples, discuss why one is more effective at producing peaceful international relations today.
  1. Choosing three of the civilizations described by Samuel Huntington in the assigned reading, give three reasons why these civilizations are “clashing” and give at least one way each of these could be resolved.
  1. Discuss three functions the United Nations serves in preserving world peace and one reason why each might be circumvented or neglected in the world today.
  1. Discuss three reasons why a country such as Pakistan or Iran might want nuclear weapons and how the United States might respond to each reason.
  1. Discuss three approaches to economic development in South America and why many South Americans might object to each of them.
  1. Discuss three assumptions describing the potential impact of Chinese economic growth on global issues over the next 50 years.
  1. Discuss the differences between development and Dependency Theory and why these differences are relevant in global affairs today.
  1. Discuss the causes of insourcing and outsourcing of jobs with respect to the United States. Discuss three approaches to resolve these problems, highlighting the costs of each approach.
  1. Discuss the causes of the conflict in the Middle East between Palestinians and Jews. Discuss how the international community has failed to help resolve this conflict.
  1. Discuss three reasons developing countries and three reasons developed countries object to globalization. What are the costs of the process to these people?
I will answer general questions about these questions or other topics on Friday and Monday.