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Michael Williams
Global Issues - Political Science 125

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Final Exam Preps

The final examination is scheduled at 11:30-1:30, Thursday December 7.
The examination will consist of 10 multiple choice questions worth 20 points, Short answer questions worth a total of 30 points and eight essay questions of which you choose five, worth 30 points each. The eight essay questions will be drawn from the following.
  1. Discuss why human rights are an important political issue among different nations.
  1. How do different cultures view human rights?
  1. Discuss how globalization can harm the economic character of a society.
  1. Discuss how globalization can improve the economic well-being of a society.
  1. Discuss why South American countries might be turning their backs on democratization.
  1. Discuss why some less developed countries such as those in sub-Saharan Africa might be suspicious of offers of economic help from the developed countries.
  1. Discuss why terrorism is used by some groups to achieve their political goals.
  1. Discuss how religious differences contribute to international conflicts.
  1. Discuss how different states can use religious beliefs in an effort to reduce international conflicts.
  1. Discuss the nature of “international law” compared to domestic legal institutions. Why is international law harder to enforce?
  1. Why are international treaties difficult to use as the basis of international law.
  1. Discuss the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. How has it been effective? How has it failed?
  1. Discuss why an understanding of global issues is important for the peaceful development of international institutions.
  1. Discuss how socialism and liberalism differ over the resolution of economic conflicts.
  1. Discuss how war could be just and under what circumstances countries might legitimately engage in warf