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Nathan Lansing
Music Theory I

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The Documents page provides links to the course syllabus and other important handouts.


MUSC&141 -- Music Theory I -- Syllabus
 Save a few trees -- read it all here!


A rap about the circle of 5ths & order of #s & bs
Father Charles Rap
Manuscript Paper
 Free 10-stave manuscript paper in PDF format, suitable for printing multiples or printing one and then copying for use in class assignments.

Study Sheets

Chapter 1 Definitions
Notation terms from Chapters 1 & 2
Scale terms and concepts
Takadimi rhythm reading system introduction
 Introduction to the Takadimi syllables and easy rhythm-only phrases with which to memorize them.
Takadimi Practice #1
Takadimi practice #2 (simple meter)
Triad chart & notes
Chord terminology & notes
Seventh Chord Comparison notes


Solfege #1
 Solfege exercise files for your perusal or downloading, for when you’ve lost the sheet I handed out already.
Solfege #1 in D
Solfege #2
Solfege #2 in D
Solfege #3 - Triads
Solfege #3 - Triads in minor