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IELP ENGLISH 81/82/83 Integrated Skills

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Look for supplemental WWW resources on the Links page.

Writing & Research

file iconOWL's Info on Plagiarism
file iconOWL's Info. on Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing
file iconOWL's MLA Formatting and Style Guide

Unit 1: Media

file iconBBC Video on Princess Diana

Unit 2: Overcoming Obstacles

file iconHelen Keller & Anne Sullivan

Pronuciation - Overview

file iconThe Sounds of American English (interactive)
file iconWhy You Should Study English Pronunciation -
 This is an interesting article with funny anecdotes about the importance of good pronunciation.

Pronunciation - Consonants #2

file icon"s" and "sh" sounds -- ESL-LAB
file icon"s" and "z" + "sh" and "si" (C17) + "tch" and &quo
file icon"sh" and "ch" and "j" and "y" sounds -- ESLGOLD
 Once you click on the "Click for Audio" link, you can no longer see the page, so I will provide/have provided you with a hard copy to look at while you listen.
file icon"s" and "sh" and "ch" sounds in minimal pairs- OUC
file icon"s" and "sh" and "ch" sounds in dictation - OUC
file icon"si" and "dg" sounds in minimal pairs - OUC
file icon"si" and "dg" in dictation - OUC

Pronunciation - Consonants #1

file icon/p/ + /b/ AND /f/ + /v/ -- Ohio
file icon/p/ + /b/ AND /f/ + /v/ - ESLUS
file icon/p/ + /f/ -- OUC
file icon/p/ + /f/ -- OUC 2
file icon/p/ + /f/ -- ESLGOLD
file icon/v/ + /b/ -- ESLUS
file icon/v/ + /b/ -- ESL LAB
file icon/w/ + /v/ -- OUC
file icon/w/ + /v/ -- OUC 2

Pronunciation - Vowels

file iconVowel Sound Minimal Pairs - Ohio (interactive)
file iconTaste-Test Vowel Sounds - Manythings (interactive)
file iconFond-Found Vowel Sounds - Manythings (interactive)
file iconSaid-Sad Vowel Sounds - Manythings (interactive)
file iconClock-Cloak Vowel Sounds - Manythings (interactive)
file iconBoss-Bus Vowel Sounds - Manythings (interactive)
file iconMade-Mad Vowel Sounds - Manythings (interactive)
file iconBucks-Books Vowel Sounds - Manythings (interactive)
file iconHot-Hat Vowel Sounds - Manythings (interactive)
file iconFun-Fan Vowel Sounds - Manythings (inteactive)
file iconNot-Nut Vowel Sounds - Manythings (interactive)
file iconVowel + Consonant Minimal Pairs - SpeakReadWrite (interactive)


file iconFlashcards


file iconTransitions (Study Guides and Strategies)
file iconTransitions (Lara)
file iconTransitions (Richmond)
file iconVerb Tense Overview and Practice


file iconM.T. Anderson Interview
file iconLibrary Book List


file iconOral Presentations (scroll down the page)
file iconHow Not To Use Power Point


file iconVoice of America
 For listening (without watching), click on the "Live Streams" options at the top of the page under the top two boxes.


file iconMerriam-Webster Dictionary
file iconLongman Dictionary