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Tom Versteeg
Advanced Composition 102

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The Documents page provides links to the course syllabus and other important handouts.

Notes From Class

How to Retrieve a Specific Article from ProQuest or Similar Data Bases
Sample Summary Plans for Our Three Summary/Response Options
Thinking About What Your Reader Is Thinking
Sample Summary Plan and Draft for Rauch
Summary/Response/Rhetorical Evaluation Thesis Models, Plus a Little Something Extra
Sample Body Paragraph Effectively Integrating Source Material and Commentary
Sample Body Paragraph Effectively Integrating Source Material and Commentary, Colorful Version


Actions that Promote Effective Seminars
Seminar One Ticket Assignment
Seminar Two Ticket Assignment
What's in a Seminar
Seminar Groups
Seminar Three Ticket Assignment

The Big Picture

Course Information
Peer Conference Record Sheet
Protocol for Resubmission of Would-Be Final Drafts
Course Learning Outcomes
Final Draft Revision Memo
Instructor/Student Collaboration Form for Summary/Response Essays
Writing Process: An Article of Faith
Instructor/Student Collaboration Form for Researched Argument
Getting Started on Your Researched Argument: Proposal and Annotated Bibliography Requirement