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Step 1.

To attend an in-person workshop, click on the Student Success Workshop Dates tab on the left for times and locations of the workshop.

To attend the online workshop, please email Sami Salvatori at sami.salvatori@scc.spokane.edu to request admittance to the Canvas class. Please include your name, academic status (A1 for Academic Warning or A2 for Academic Probation), Student ID number, and current email address.

Step 2.

Complete the quiz upon finishing the online workshop. Make sure you fill in your name and student ID, so we can confirm the completion of the workshop and remove the hold from your account.

Step 3.

Print out Important Dates and Resources for future reference.


Online Counselor
 For more information, contact Sami Salvatori.
Phone: 509-720-6672
E-mail: sami.salvatori@scc.spokane.edu
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