The CAD and Mechanical programs prepare students with the skills necessary for drafting and design in a wide range of engineering disciplines, including engineering teams for large and small manufacturing firms, consultant engineering firms, testing, aerospace, and research companies to gain employment as computer aided drafters and engineering designers.
Students can find jobs with practical application of the skills learned at SCC in several engineering disciplines, including: mechanical, civil and structural engineering; bulding systems, fire suppression/alarms, HVAC; electrical and fluid power schematics; and fabrication/piping drafting.

The list below is a partial list of companies that have hired our CAD and Mechanical Design students:

Employer Web Sites for Graduates

Company Name

Engineering Field Web Site
ACME Machine Works Mechanical
Agilent Technologies Electrical/Mechanical
Allied Safe & Vault Mechanical
ASC Machine Tools Mechanical
Avian Baloon Co. Mechanical
Bay Shore Systems Mechanical
Brooklyn Industries Structural
Buck Knives Mechanical
Colmac Coil Mechanical
E.J. Bartells Co. Mechanical/Construction
E.Z. Loader Trailers Mechanical
Enterprise Engineering Consulting - petroleum handling
Fasteners Inc. Mechanical
Fluid Design Mechanical
FLSmith RAHCO Int. Mechanical
Freeborn Tools Mechanical
Garco Buildings Structural
Garco Construction Construction
Georgia Pacific Architectural/Mechanical
Haskins Steel Mechanical
Hollister-Stier Mechanical/Chemical/Manufacturing
Johnson Matthey Eleectronics Co. Electrical/Mechanical
Kim Hotstart Mechanical
L&S Engineering Mechanical/Construction
Market Equipment Company Mechanical
Output Technology corp. Mechanical
Pacific Metals Mechanical/Structural
Patriot Fire Protection Mechanical
Pearson Packaging Mechanical
Pyrotek Inc. Mechanical
Rocket Research Co. Mechanical
Ryerson Inc Mechanical
Scafco Structural
Scanivalve Mechanical/Electronic
Shweitzer Engineering Laboratories Mechanical/Electronics
Spokane Industries Mechanical
Telect Electronics/Mechanical
The Factory Company Mechanical
Trebro Manufacturing, Bilings, MT Mechanical
Wagstaff Engineering Mechanical

Note: Some companies listed here may have changed their company name or no longer be in business. These are the companies that hired our students.