CAD & 3D Prototyping

CAD Software at SCC

Our CAD & Mechanical Desigh programs use current versions of the Industry Standard Software that will be used in this industry:

  • AutoCAD (by AutoDesk)
  • SolidWorks
  • Inventor
  • (Plus other software as available, like Automation Studio for Schematics, Revit for Building Systems, SolidCAM for CNC, etc.

3D Prototype - 3Dimensional Printing

 Creating a Prototype for a new design concept is an important step in developing a new product or improving existing products.

Prototype Shop: CAD and Mechanical Design students will incorporate the use of several techniques in creating prototypes of their design projects. We have a full fabrication shop where designs can be tested and prototypes created using welding, machining, CNC, laser engraving/cutting, and even composites materials.

3D Printing: We also have the ability to create prototype models, in varioius scales, using one of our Rapid Prototyping machines called 3D Printering or Additive Manufacturing as shown below.

All of these skills make the students competitive in the design field of engineering.


3D Prototyping

file iconHow is a Solid Part printed in Plastic?
3D Printer
3D Printer

3D Printed Parts

3D Printed Parts
3D Printed Parts