- Mechanical-Spatial Skills

 For New Students entering the CAD and Mechanical Design Programs

   Thanks for your interest in our technology programs at SCC. This letter is intended to increase your success rate in the field of study you have chosen. Please read the next sections and call or take appropriate actions before the start of the school year if you have any concerns.

Mechanical Reasoning / Spatial Relationships Skill Level Requirements

The ability to visualize location, size and orientation in mechanical drawings will be an important part of your success in this program, especially in the 3-Dimensional solid modeling software. Therefore, if a student scores less than the scores below when testing it is strongly recommended that the student meets with the Registration Counselor or CAD/MET Instructors to discuss ways to improve in these areas.
21 Spatial Relations test, 19 in the Mechanical Reasoning test
If your mechanical & spatial skills do not meet these levels we would recommend that you take a refresher or introductory course in the College Prep or Computer Department (see John Michel or an academic advisor in the counseling center to find a good course).

Ron Jingling
  CAD/MDT Instructor
Jerry Murray
  CAD/MDT Instructor
John Michel
  Counseling Academic Advisor