Math Learning Center

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About the MLC

Location: Building 18, Room 213
Phone: 533-3671
Course Information
Students who register for a class in the MLC must attend an orientation during the first two days of the quarter. Failure to attend an orientation during the first two days will result in students being dropped.

What's Available

The Mathematics Learning Center (MLC) offers a variety of courses in an individualized-instruction format. We offer Math 35,90, 93,94,98.  Instructors and peer tutors are available to assist the students. Math 35 is only offered in the MLC. This courses serve a specific population: inquire in the MLC before registering.


Advantages of the MLC

One of the advantages of the MLC is flexibility in scheduling. Classes may be taken in the MLC at times when lecture sessions are not available. Those wishing to review a course may be able to finish in less time than the standard eleven-week quarter.

Attendance in the MLC

It is important for students registering in the MLC to be self-motivated and willing to assume the responsibility for their attendance and progress. Students who cannot attend daily can still set a schedule enabling them to be successful. Math 93/94/98 students must follow a course progress schedule and complete homework quizzes and tests within the necessary timeframe. Hours of operation may vary from quarter to quarter.


Completing Courses

Students frequently ask how much time they need to spend in the MLC to complete a course. Because of differences in ability, preparation, learning styles and goals, this question is impossible to answer. The time required to complete a course may vary tremendously from student to student. A rough guide for a student who has recently completed the prerequisite course successfully might be to study 8-10 hours a week in the MLC and another 5-8 at home.