Math 107



Compound Interest Lesson
Installment Loans Lesson
Saving Plans
Retirement Plans
Homework 6
Homework 7
Homework 8
Homework 6 Solutions
Homework 7 Solutions
Homework 8 Solutions
Review for Finance Test
Review for Finance Test Answers
Finance Project Buying a New Car


Linear Growth Lesson
Exponential Growth Lesson
Homework 3
Homework 4
Acitivity 4 garbage
Activity 5 Sea Creatures
Homework 5
Review for Test 1
Homework 3 Solutions
Homework 4 Solutions
Review for Test 1 Solutions
Activity 5 Garbage- Solutions
Homework 5 Solutions

Probability and Stats

Introduction to Probability Lesson
Probability Lesson 2
Probability Lesson 3 Medical Testing
Homework 9
Activity Zombies
Probability Lesson 4 Expected Value
Activity Spinner
Homework 10
Probability Project : PreNatal Testing
Homework 9 Solutions
Statistical Terms and Ideas
Homework 10 Solutions
Statistics Bias
Homework 11
Statistics Graphing with Excel Notes
Statistics Graphing Activity
Review for Probability and Stats Test
Statistics- Measures of Spread
Review for Stats and Probability Test Solutions
HW 11 Solutions


Units Lesson
Homework 1
Activity 1 Garden
Homework 2
Activity 2 Lightbulb
Greenland Project
Homework 1 Solutions
Homework 2 Solutions