Tom Versteeg
English Composition 101

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Welcome to English Composition 101! Check back often for important updates.
Second Essay Coming Right Up. . .

Today--Monday the 25th--is, of course, the absolute deadline for turning in a would-be final draft of our first essay, and most folks will, indeed, be submitting a would-be final today. But tomorrow--Tuesday the 26th--we'll be heading full force into Essay Two, the researched argument. That means that by class time on Tuesday, everyone should have taken a good look at that second assignment sheet and, ideally, have done the reading in LSH that the assignment sheet refers folks to. On Tuesday, we'll be working through the nuts and bolts of the assignment and the research process more generally, and on Thursday we'll be doing more work in class re citing sources, integrating source material into your own argument, and avoiding plagiarism. That leaves Wednesday, 27 July--a day we won't meet in our classroom at 11:30, but rather in the library, room 211. There we'll get a presentation from librarians that's keyed specifically to our assignment, and folks will get time to do some preliminary research too (though don't think you have to wait till Wednesday to start that). Then, perhaps before class is out on Thursday, and certainly by the next Monday, we'll be back into our regular workshop and conference cycle. Oh boy!