Tom Versteeg
English Composition 101

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Welcome to English Composition 101! Check back often for important updates.
Important Deadlines Fast Approaching

A couple folks have submitted would-be final drafts of the first essay, and I know several more individuals are on the brink of doing so. However, it seems there are some people who are a good deal less far along in their process, and those people should remember that time is getting short. Recall that the absolute deadline for turning in a would-be final is next Monday, 8 Feb., and further, that the next day--Tuesday the 9th--folks need to turn in a version of their first essay for Midterm Portfolio Assessment (look for a second announcement about Midterm Portfolio soon). Remember, too, that students aren't eligible to submit a would-be final to me if they haven't worked through the collaborative process outlined on the assignment sheet and in class--that means getting feedback from me at least twice as well as from at least two peers in the class. So if you've been dawdling, your best move would be to dawdle no more.

Essay Assignment Two and Midterm Portfolio Assessment

For a while now, a few early birds, pretty much on their own, have been working on Essay Assignment Two (the researched argument), but beginning on Tuesday, 9 Feb. our whole class will begin several days of learning activities geared to help everyone be successful on that second essay, interrupted only by another important feature of the class (and all 101 classes): Midterm Portfolio Assessment. Below you'll find a schedule of what's coming up in the near future. You'll note that on Monday we'll be engaging in a how-to regarding midterm portfolio assembly, and on Tuesday we'll be going over the nuts and bolts of the second essay. Thus, before Monday's class, please have a close look at two items: “Midterm Portfolio Procedures,”  and Portfolio Preview (especially the introductory letter to students (4), the Faculty Rating Sheet for midterm portfolio (68), and at least one sample essay from each category); both those “Procedures” and Portfolio Preview can be found in the Documents section under the English 101 Portfolio heading. Then before class on Tuesday, please read and annotate the assignment sheet for Essay Assignment Two. Now, here's what's coming up:

Monday, 8 Feb.: How-to on Midterm Portfolio assembly plus last-minute conferences for those desperate to turn in their essays by today's deadline

Tuesday, 9 Feb.: MIDTERM PORFOLIO TURN-IN plus overview of Essay Assignment Two

Wednesday, 10 Feb.: NO CLASS because I, like my English Department colleagues, will be spending the day reading midterm portfolios.

Thursday, 11 Feb.: Portfolios returned, plus more learning activities regarding the second essay       

Tuesday, 16 Feb.: LIBRARY CLASS—meet in the library, room 211, where you'll get a presentation from one of our ace research librarians keyed specifically to our assignment as well as time to do some research for your second essay.

Wednesday, 17 Feb.: More learning activities regarding the second essay. We'll most likely finish up these learning activities on Thursday and then shift back into workshop and conference mode by Monday the 22nd.