Tom Versteeg
English Composition 101

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Welcome to English Composition 101! Check back often for important updates.
Real Life Begins in Our Class. . .

Having now completed our practice with the Rauch essay, on Tuesday, 17 Jan., we'll have our first official day of in-class workshopping and conferencing; in fact, seven folks already have their names on the list to show me plans on Tuesday, and one individual has his name down to show me a draft, so things seem to be humming along just fine. Of course, the majority of the class is still working on either reading and annoting the two articles or on creating a plan for their essay (remember, "plan" = nothing more than your proposed thesis and topic sentences, represented in any way that tickles your fancy), and that's okay. However, by Thursday, 19 Jan., everybody should have read and annotated the Carr and Cascio articles and should have created a plan for at least the summary portions of their essay. Please bring those summary plans to class on Thursday; we'll be using them to do some group work that should really kick-start work for everybody.