Tom Versteeg
English Composition 101

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Welcome to English Composition 101! Check back often for important updates.
A Couple Things to Read

One of our first pieces of foundation-laying after we finish up with the course info will involve having a brief look at the notion of writing as process. You'll be reading about this idea in the Little Seagull Handbook too (see below), as well as practicing it in a hands-on way all quarter, but there's also a document here on our website that addresses the issue in a more tightly focused way than the handbook does: "Writing Process: An Article of Faith" under the Big Picture heading. Please print this document, read it carefully, and bring your annotated copy to class on Thursday, 22 Sept

To get another viable take on the idea of writing process, as well as on issues of writing context and a few other concerns we'll be engaging with in more depth, please have a look at the following sections in our Little Seagull Handbook: W-1, W-2, W-3, W-4, W-7, W-8, and W-14. This will be our one and only all-at-once mass reading in the handbook, it'll involve less in the way of heavy-duty reading than it might at first appear, and it's likely to be at least partially review for most folks. Still, it's not a bad idea to touch base with these concepts before we really dig in to the work of the class, so aim to have this Little Seagull material read by early next week--let's say by Wednesday, 28 Oct., if not sooner.


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